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Mens Underwear store with designer briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps and thongs Australia's largest and longest running mens underwear store. We have gathered a selection of styles that suites men who are after a casual comfortable daily wear such as Bonds underwear or a G-Star RAW trunk for midweek work with the option to suite up into something nice for a business meeting such as a nice crisp clean cut Calvin Klein or Emporio Armani trunk trunk and to suite down to a casual fit and feel. We also carry a selection for what you could call a cheeky night out something a bit sexy if that is something you guys can call your underwear and are comfortable in your own skin to wear it proudly. Sheer styles with a a see through look along with silk and skimpy sleek body defining cuts and styles. No longer are you left with a dull selection of plain white undies with a Y front. You now have over 1000 styles to choose from to mach your mood and the occasion.