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  • Obviously Australian Men's Designer Underwear Brand

    Obviously – Sexy, Comfortable and Green

    Established in March 2007, the Obvious brand has made its mark in the world of underwear. This Australian brand is well known for its ultra stretchy and well fitting pouches and fabrics. It does not matter if it is trunks, briefs or jocks, it is clear that Obviously designed its underwear around active men.

    It does not matter if you hit the gym every day or if you sit in the office for 8 long hours, underwear from Obviously will have “the boys” well protected and you in comfort. Even better is the fact that you not only feel incredibly comfortable, you will look and feel amazing as well regardless of what underwear you wear. One reason why a lot of men prefer Obviously Mens Underwear because of the well designed pouch that is incorporated in each of their product. Ergonomics has obviously been kept in mind as their underwear, even jocks, holds your gear in without making you feel uncomfortable.

    If you have ever worn even one of their products, you will already know that Obviously pay a lot of attention to detail and the quality of their materials. A lot of men usually have a problem with bad stitching and low quality material but with Obviously, there “obviously” is not a problem with the quality of the product. Not only their fabric, their design is one of the reasons why Obviously has had a lot of success. What Obviously did was examine everything that men hate about underwear. What they achieved was underwear where men would never complain. The designs of Obviously are truly unique and offer variations that have not seen before.

    What's more is that Obviously uses a green product. They believe in protecting the environment and it is the reason why they are Obviously Green. The material that is used is known as Modal material. This material actually constitutes the majority of their underwear. Not only is this material completely natural, it never undergoes chemical processes. What's truly remarkable is the amount of water that Obviously uses to make their underwear. Normally, 1000 kilograms of cotton usually requires 6000 kilograms of water; a ratio of 1:6. When it comes to Modal, the same amount of Modal material requires only 500 kilograms of water; a ratio of 2:1.

    Even the packaging they use is made completely out of recycled paper found in offices. This paper itself has not been chemically treated or even bleached. With Obviously, you can rest assured that your package is being protected without harming the world you live in. This is extremely important to many men especially those who are fighting to protect the environment themselves.

    All in all, Obviously is a company that has helped men believe in comfortable, durable and sexy underwear once more. This fact is made even better by the green initiatives of Obviously. You can rest easy knowing that your package will not be stripping Earth of its package. If you have never experienced Obviously, it is “obviously” time you did.

  • 2(x)ist Designer Men’s Underwear


    2(x)ist Designer Men’s Underwear

    In this day and age, there are many brands that sell designer men’s underwear. However, very few can pull off the designer look, provide an extreme level of comfort and be functional at the same time. Fortunately, 2(x)ist has pulled this off superbly. 2(x)ist was launched in 1991 by Gregory Sovell. He was the creative director of 2(x)ist until there was a clash of ideas and creative direction. He soon left and joined a different designer brand.

    Since its launch, 2(x)ist has created men’s underwear that blend material, comfort, design and functionality together. The selection of men’s underwear does not end quickly with 2(x)ist. They have a line of briefs, G-strings and trunks all for men. These are available in premium Pima Cotton; the best cotton available in today’s market that can be used in Men’s underwear. According to most of its customers, the briefs created by 2(x)ist are the best available. This is not something that has recently surfaced. This level of excellence has been maintained for the past ten years. You will rarely find briefs that fit as well and as comfortably as those of 2(x)ist do.

    What gives their underwear the edge is their designs and wins you over is that their underwear designs have the right amount of cut, construction dimensions, material and comfort infused into them. This fusion creates the ultimate underwear – comfortable and high performance. Regardless of whether you wear low rise or full cut trunks, the comfort provided will negate any buyer’s remorse you may have. The variety of 2(x)ist underwear is quite impressive. Their variety includes sports briefs, contour pouch brief, no-show trunk, jock strap, boxer brief, Y-back thong and the knit boxer. These are all available in a wide variety of sizes and colours. The contoured pocket in most of their underwear allows for a custom fit. It will not matter what your size is, 2(x)ist underwear will easily fit you.

    The price of perfection however is not cheap – or is it? What makes 2(x)ist so successful is their affordable prices. The price of perfection may not come cheap with most other items but it does with 2(x)ist. It does not matter if you are buying a Y-back thong or a simple knit boxer, the price is always right. 2(x)ist really do have a bang-for-buck factor that is hard to match. For almost two decades, 2(x)ist has established itself as the top men’s underwear brand. Perfectly blending style, comfort and affordability has enabled 2(x)ist to remain as an expert in its niche. With so much to look forward to, it may be high time you started to exist with 2(x)ist.

  • Calvin Klein



    Calvin Klein has more than done enough to stay at the top of the men's underwear game. They have been in the the top 2 here in Australia for years and some may argue they are the best certainly along with C-in2 and 2xist they fit the best by all reports they also last the longest out of all the brands that are on the market. Checkout the image above, this surely is testament to Ck's style and design. They are constantly designing and manufacturing ahead of the current men's underwear trends. They set the design and the others will follow,

  • C-in2

    C-IN2 – Modern and Sexy Men’s Underwear Every now and then, we all crave for that little bit of sensual excitement. There is a whole line of sexy women’s undergarments yet very little for men – or is there? C-IN2 is a brand of men’s underwear that sells a wide variety of sexy underwear that appeal to the ‘individual and modern’ man. The brand has a wide line of underwear that include low rise briefs, boxer briefs, boxers, thongs, trunks, jock straps and long underwear.


    Gregory Sovell however had previous experience with underwear as he had previously established a men’s designer underwear company in 1991 called 2(x)IST. However, due to the conflicts of opinions and creative styling, Sovell left. In 2005 however, Gregory Sovell and Jason Zambuto teamed up to create a line of sexy men’s underwear and hence launched C-IN2 (pronounced as “see-in-to”). Since its launch, C-IN2 has made quite a mark with their line of sexy underwear - a fact that has made them a niche in it. In 2010 however, the company was acquired and is now known as C-IN2 Clothing Company, Inc. Despite the acquired asset, Gregory Sovell is still the head of the brand - he is the Creative Director.

    Men’s Underwear

    The line of sexy underwear is one that is renowned in the world. They have made strides in underwear design thanks to the technology used in their underwear. You can count on the underwear sold by C-IN2 to be of impeccable quality and performance. The craftsmanship and extreme level of comfort will leave your jaws, and those of your onlookers, hanging. The blends of fibers that are used by C-IN2 have enabled them to create, for men like you, a wide variety of styles and colors that not only boast a sleek exterior but an extremely comfortable interior. The pockets in the underwear ensure that it caters to your needs. It allows you to look your best while still providing ultimate comfortable. Their swim wear line is created using quick drying polyester fibers that allow the trunks, briefs and underwear to drain itself of any and all water quickly. The truly great thing about their quick dry underwear is that you can use them at the gym as well. The trunks are soft, lightweight and well ventilated allowing you to get the most out of your workout without worrying about a sweaty crotch. Just as you would expect from any high-end underwear line, C-IN2’s sexy underwear are available in just about any and all sizes and colours. Most of their underwear contains pockets, internal and rear, that enable a more countered while still providing high functionality.

      C-IN2 has established themselves as truly one of the best, if not the best, underwear producers in the world. Their sexy line of men’s underwear will have your partner constantly closing their jaws. With affordable prices and a wide line to choose from, a pair of C-IN2 underwear will become your best friend and perhaps your partner’s too. This stands out a the coolest collection they have brought out, they have moved from the normal pink and light baby blue colours and come up with some slightly edgy quirky. They have a detergent colour which is a cross between aqua and a light blue it is a slightly sharper look with a cool a waistband which is made from a microfiber material that is silver and featuring the C-in2 logo. They have a great range this season and unfortunately they will change to the warmer winter colours, but the DUGG staff all agree we wish they stayed with the lighter cooler colours of the Summer range.

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