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  • Sly

    SLY Play Hard

    In less than a year, it seems that SLY underwear has captured the youth of Australia with its brilliant styles, cutting edge fabrics and its impressive quality. Their four hundred stores operate in over four countries - all within 12 months as well. It is a pleasure to always see what SLY has come up with every time a new line is launched. You can imagine our surprise when the creative sparks of SLY started appearing again when they released Play Hard – denim underwear.

    First Impressions

    When you initially look at the Play Hard denim underwear, I can guarantee that you will want them right off the bat; and who wouldn’t? You could wear such denim underwear anywhere you wanted; jogging in the park, the beach or even a hike. The best part is that hardly anyone will notice that you are wearing underwear; not denim shorts. The cotton that the denim underwear is made from helps to snug around your body as if they really were a pair of denim shorts. When you look at them from a distance, they will look like any other pair of denim shorts. It is only when you get closer that you will notice the elastic waist band (2 inches) that has the SLY name written on it in shiny silver. This is on both the front and back of the waist band. This is enough to fool anyone into thinking that the wearer is actually wearing denim shorts rather than denim underwear.

    The design

    The design is what really sets these trendy undies off. Although available in the silver design, a Real McKoi design is also available.  The Real McKoi design boasts a tattoo of a koi fish imprinted on the right thigh area that contrasts well with a black background. Additionally, the face of a beautiful woman is imprinted on the left thigh area that contrasts well with the white background. SLY has always been known to create some very creative designs for men. Recently, they produced their Work hard collection - an instant success. With the new Play Hard collection, it seems that SLY have done it once again.

    The Function

    Well we all know that there is a lot of male underwear out there that looks very sexy, trendy or hip. However, there are not many that combine both design and function. You are already aware that the Play Hard denim underwear looks great but what I have not told you yet is Drum roll . . . They are very comfortable and functional as well. Heck, for a pair of boxer briefs, they are exceptionally comfortable. Not only will you feel really comfortable wearing them, you will notice that your “crown jewels” are well supported. You can wear them around town, at the gym or even in bed. You will literally be trying to keep your pants off as long as possible. They really are durable. If you want great support and comfort, they work great. If you are an exhibitionist, these will work really well. SLY Play Hard really does let you play hard.

  • The finest fit in undies by Bjorn Borg

    Bjorn Borg underwear is known for vibrant colours with a well constructed design. Piggy backing on the famous Swedish tennis players profile they have grown the brand to include all clothing, including shoes, jackets and pants. They have become a major clothing player throughout Europe. Here in Australia there is a growing groundswell of interest in the high quality Bjorn Borg men's underwear which is differnet from the other offerings out on the market place.  

  • Aussie Bonds Underwear


    The popular national icon has been around for over ninety-sex years. In the early twentieth century, George Allan Bond came to Australia with a dream to start importing women’s gloves and hosiery. Within two years, his company started manufacturing hosiery instead of only importing it. In 1929, Bonds Industries Limited was formed when the company decided to liquidate.

    Soon the company moved from Redfern, Sydney to Camperdown and started creating underwear as well. By 1932, the initial hosiery importing company started by Mr. George Bond had created the first cotton spinning mill in Australia located at Wentworthville, Western Sydney. The area soon received a name change to Pendle Hill – an entirely new suburb.


    In almost forty years, Coats Paton Pty Ltd merged with Bonds Industries Limited. A further seventeen years down the line, the company was acquired by Pacific Dunlop. In 2001 however, it was sold to Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd’ and has stayed that way since. By 2006, the three factories set up in Wentworthville, Unanderra and Cessnock produced almost 17 million garments every year. This was all made possible by the host of machines used and 295 staff members (full time).


    The men’s underwear made by Bonds mens underwear is quite a line that includes briefs, shorts, trunks and Low rise underwear. The underwear comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and styles that have been engineered to provide you maximum comfort and function. The underwear by Bonds include both classic and modern styles as well as design variations that help achieve better comfort, protection or a contoured shape. The designs and fabrics used allow for better ventilation keeping the crotch area dryer for longer. This is especially helpful for those of your who live a very active life or have work that results in excessive perspiration. The bands found on their underwear are either for better comfort, fit or expandability (elastic bands).

    Their affordable prices make their underwear accessible to every type of pocket – not only the high earners. Be it a frugal or high-end shopper, Bond men's underwear has something for everyone. The constant sales, promotions, discounts and bundles enable Bonds to make quite a large amount of profit from such a small yet complex article of innerwear. As you know, water can be very annoying if your underwear is completely immersed in it. When walking out of the pool, you may feel your underwear partially bunch up due to the water. However, Bond’s quick dry line has become a favorite amongst swimmers. They are great for when you go to the beach or for a swim. From the moment you step out of the body of water, your underwear will start drying up faster than you ever thought possible. The wide variety of men’s underwear has enabled Bonds to become an extremely successful company in Australia. You can always find underwear that suits your daily needs and/or size without a problem. The ninety-six years of highly reputed operation has captivated Australian Men and have propelled Bonds to become a highly reliable brand of men’s underwear.

  • Exclusive Shot by Jimmy Walsh Photography

    Exclusive Shot by Jimmy Walsh Photography DUGG is lucky enough to have Jimmy Walsh on board he is producing shots for us. He is an extremely talented photographer and has amazing shots which yu have to checkout at his website We have used a few of his pics and are hoping for some more to come our way soon.

    These are just a taste of what is coming in the near future. He evidently has a talent for capturing the male body and a passion to to create artistic images on varied locations with unique use of lighting and colours.

    Stay tuned for more from Jimmy Walsh!

  • Cocksocks

    Cocksox Underwear – The Aussie Brand and Company

    For almost 6 years, Cocksox has been a leading underwear brand that is both owned and operated in Australia. For over five long years, Cocksox has been providing Australian men with a large variety of exceptionally comfortable and versatile underwear.

    According to Cocksox, July 10 is the official Cocksox day. A day they celebrate the foundation of the company. This year, while many companies in Australia are worrying about their losses, Cocksox is celebrating their immense success.   The current creative director of Cocksox is none other than Nadiah Kanawaty who has been praised for her keen eye for detail and impeccable designs.

    After almost six years, Cocksox mens underwear has shown record growth. The company has stood for being fun, wild, cheeky and sexy all at the same time. It is what their designs have been centered around and a trend that all you Aussies seem to pick up on and love. From simple underwear to the marvelous “Carnivore”, Cocksox really has made its mark in Australia.

    The huge variety of designs combined with comfortable fabrics has made Cocksox a brand to love. Three of their latest designs include the masculine “Woodstock”, romantic “summer of love” and the leopard-based “carnivore” underwear. The underwear line of Cocksox emphasizes on the attributes of being and feeling sexy we show this in our mens underwear blog. According to the creative director, people love being check and sexy and that is what they want. It is such lovely people who give them the inspiration for new designs and motivate them to propel forward.

    The price tag associated with their line of underwear is conveniently affordable. It does not matter if you are not earning six figures a year or an average pay, you can always bet that there is something for you when it comes to Cocksox underwear. Furthermore, the sexy underwear line of Cocksox has become a favorite amongst the entire population. Irrespective of your sexuality, Cocksox celebrates it in style by letting you celebrate the Australian you are.

    They understand that it’s important for you to express your sexuality rather than suppress it – appropriately of course. For an exceptional experience that has captivated the hearts, minds and “jewels” of over 50 countries, you really need try out Cocksox.

    From amazing solid colours to vividly sexy lingerie, Cocksox is a brand that all Australians trust. Not only do they give you an exceptional level of comfort with a sexy and playful exterior, the fact that they are Australian owned and operated makes it so much sweeter.

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