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  • Calvin Klein Briefs for a Modern Look

    Calvin Klein Briefs for a Modern Look

    As all of you know, “CK” is a monogram that has become synonymous with their lives. The mega fashion house Calvin Klein Inc. was founded in 1968 by Mr. Calvin Klein himself. The current owner of this worldwide phenomenon is none other than apparel giant Phillips-Van Heusen. There headquarters are based in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United States. The current creative director of the men’s range is none other than Kevin Carrigan. He has worked tirelessly since 1998 with the brand to create a wide line of menswear (including briefs) that have really taken the world by storm.

    You all know the modern look Calvin Klein portrays from the many celebrities and top models that have sported their trendy underwear. This includes their exceptional line of briefs. Calvin Klein has continuously transformed its line of briefs to match the style of the modern times you live in. We all know it’s not a mystery why Calvin Klein briefs have become a modern icon. Calvin Klein has been using new fabrics to create a full spectrum of briefs that can be used both in athletic and special conditions. The new cuts in their latest collection really do show a trendy yet sophisticated style that we can see in you; the modern man.

    Their collection of briefs includes classic and basic styles to innovative cuts that use a variety of new-age fabrics. The quality of Calvin Klein briefs are what many of you will consider as unmatchable. The combination of fabrics and material really do create an exceptionally comfortable feel – important in today’s fast-paced times. For example, the Calvin Klein Body Hip brief is a simple yet modern brief that is tailor-made for men that want a clean body-contouring fit that is both breathable and sports a modern look. The light design, contoured pouch and the low-rise snug fit really do blend well to give you ultimate comfort and functionality. They can be used for every situation. You could go to work, college or even the gym – the demands of modern life. What's more impressive is that the price tag associated with most of their briefs is affordable. This is crucial in modern times where saving money has become a necessity.

    If you want fashionable, sexy AND comfortable briefs, Calvin Klein really is the way to go. Combining the affordable price tag hanging from each of their briefs, Calvin Klein really does give men a modern look.

  • Good Devil

    Good Devil – For Something a Little Different

    The hustle and bustle of life has unfortunately reduced most of us to wearing the same old plain type of underwear day in and out. Don’t you feel like being different sometimes? Well fortunately for you, Good Devil lets you do just that. Everyone has two sides; good and bad. According to Good Devil, their brand of vividly sexy underwear allows you to bring out the naughty side while exploring both. Good Devil is not for those who want to play it safe. The underwear made by Good Devil is all about feeling great with your immense sex appeal.

    If you look at the most “conservative” piece made by Good Devil, you will notice that it could be classified as “extremely sexy” rather than “conservative”.  But that is what this is all about - feeling different for a change. If you look at their sense of style, you will be really impressed. Their designs are such that women will be swooning over the underwear and the models wearing them. When you feel stylish, don’t you try to stylize and look great? When you feel sexy, why not actually wear sexy and REALLY feel it? One thing you will realize is how simple the designs can be but how amazing they can make you feel. If you love jocks, Good Devil is perfect for your tastes. With a reduction in size, the amount of fabric used is obviously much less than standard underwear. However, if you think that this will reduce the comfort of the underwear, you are mistaken. Granted that it may take a little time getting used to, but once you do, you will never want to go back again.

    Good Devil underwear is available in four basic colours. These include grey, white, red and black. If males love being sexy, women will love when you feel different. Good Devil is perfect for those steamy moments with your partner. Not only does the rear profile look sexy, it feels comfortable. The waistband keeps the underwear on you while the pouch keeps all the “gear” in check. The material that Good Devil uses in their sexy line of underwear contains a blend of Spandex (4%) and Cotton (96%). Spandex provides a good amount of stretch to the material while the cotton helps keep the comfort level high and your crotch well ventilated (not that it already isn’t with their underwear).

    What's better is that there are never any flaws in the garment’s construction. You will never see a stray strand of cotton anywhere. You will never even see the stitching unravel. But wait, there’s more. The price tag associated with this brand is (queue drum roll) AFFORABLE. If you are a guy that loves to mix and match your style every now and then, Good Devil is made for you. It is always great to feel a little adventurous, a little dangerous and a tad primal. If you are female and want your man’s “man” to dazzle you tonight, get him Good Devil – change is ALWAYS good.

  • Falke Socks

    Falke Socks

    It’s understandable if you have never heard of Falke. Germans are usually well known for their lingerie lines. Founded in 1895 by Franz Falke-Rohen, Falke has become an international phenomenon and are known for manufacturing high-end and top-notch apparel at an affordable price. It does not matter what season it is as there are always Falke mens underwear socks you can use in every season and/or every occasion. Winter can get pretty cold but it does not matter, there is always a pair of thick Falke socks that are ready to help you tackle the cold weather. Sometimes you may want to step out of a bland pair of socks and wear a pair that will make people go wow. These socks have been made for men as well – these socks are not only for women. However, it could get really hot inside and this is never comfortable. Not only will Falke socks look good, a pair of their socks will grant you the level of comfort you need. Furthermore, for a pair of high quality socks and men's underwear, they are affordable. The blend of fabrics and material in Falke socks make them exceptionally comfortable to wear. Falke socks are made from a blend of polyamide, Lyocell, cotton and polypropylene. For example, the FALKE BC6 Racing Socks are made from 8% Lyocell, 20% Cotton, 34% Polypropylene and 38% Polyamide. With such a blend, most of you may think twice about how they actually feel like. As expected, the feel of Falke socks is top-notch. If you have ever worn a pair, you will know what I mean. For those who have never worn a pair of superior quality socks, you are in for quite a shock. Falke socks are designed to provide a high level of quality and comfort and that is exactly what they deliver. It could be really hot outside and wearing socks can be a real nuisance. However, you also need protection right? This may be a really confusing time but you do not need to fret as Falke socks overcome this problem with relative ease. What is really interesting is that Falke has not shifted its manufacturing to countries where labour is cheap. Everything is manufactured and shipped from Germany - this helps open up new jobs for German citizens. Falke socks really have made a mark in Germany and worldwide. Their name has become synonymous with high end quality mens underwear and affordable prices. You have to buy a pair to experience the Falke difference.

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