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  • Hugo Boss Men's Underwear

      Hugo Boss Men’s Underwear Hugo Boss is a name that every one of you has heard of, male or female. To all you guys out there, you know how incredible Hugo Boss is and how amazing their underwear line is. The sheer comfort their underwear provide is truly difficult to rival. Here is a closer look at some Hugo Boss men’s underwear. The Multiple Collections If there is one thing we all know and love about Hugo Boss, it’s their amazing collections that we talk about here at the mens underwear blog. There will never be Hugo Boss underwear that is not right for you. The fact is, Hugo Boss has over 16 different lines of underwear. From cotton basics to innovation microfiber, there is a pair of undies for every man out there. The extensive Hugo Boss Lines include: Cotton Basics Cotton Modal Flex Cotton Limited Edition Cotton Performance Stretch Cotton Basics Pure Cotton Stretch Cotton Stretch Pima Cotton Woven Cotton Microfiber Experience Microfiber Innovation Microfiber Modal Cotton Stretch Modal Stretch Cotton Lines Hugo Boss’s cotton lines have been created to provide the ultimate in comfort. You already know that cotton breathes better than most other material so this is a definite plus in this line. Various lines offer different benefits to their wearers. For example, the basics line provides great comfort and simple designs at affordable prices. The Flex Cotton line has been created to provide comfort regardless of your body shape. Microfiber Lines The microfiber lines are designed to provide a lightweight, cool and stylish solution to men’s underwear. The microfiber lines are primarily aimed at providing a great fit with exceptional elasticity that does not feel awkward. Made from a combination of polyamide, elastane and polyester, this line gives you breathable underwear that does not add bulk. Compared to normal stretch lines, the microfiber lines breathe better. Modal Line Modal is a relatively new fabric that is being used in the fashion industry. Modal is usually softer than cotton and many have reported it as being breathable. With a high water absorbing tendency than cotton, modal is a great fabric to put into underwear. Hugo Boss use modal in at least 3 of their lines. This provides men with unrivaled comfort and feel, all the while maintaining maximum breathability. Hugo boss truly has a hand in changing the male underwear fashion industry. With so many different underwear lines being sold, you will never have a problem picking up a pair of Hugo Boss undies. However, you may have a hard time choosing from the exceptional range.

  • Mosmann

    Mosmann Men’s Underwear Mosmann is an Australian men’s underwear company that has made its mark in the world. With a wide selection of men’s underwear, you can rest assured that Mosmann has something for every man. Let’s take a closer look at the Mosmann legacy shall we? The Story Behind the Phenomenon

    Previously, underwear was something you would wear because ‘you had to’. You needed some protection for your crown jewels and I guess anything could work. However, four friends did not think that way. They felt that this old philosophy was wrong. They believe that if you wear great underwear and look good, you will feel good. And so started the Mosmann legacy, now we show it in our mens underwear blog. They left their jobs in order to create underwear that men would want to wear. They set out to create stylish yet comfortable underwear geared towards the Australian lifestyle. However, even with a pool of 4 amazing fashion savvy brains at work, changing the mindset of an entire nation of men is not an easy task. Fortunately for us, it was more than enough. The Challenge

    The friends felt that something lacked in the men’s underwear area. In order to succeed, they would first have to change the way men thought about underwear. They had to design something unique. They wanted to change the idea around underwear with their experience in international design. Considering the immense success they have received, I guess they were right. Progress What was a single office in Australia, Mosmann now have offices in the United States, China, Germany, Japan, Brazil, France and the United Kingdom. Whether you wear boxers, briefs or trunks, Mosmann has you covered. They take style and infuse it with high quality and comfortable fabrics. The continuous support from men like you, both local and international, has helped transform the company. Now, Mosmann is a brand of men’s underwear that we all know and love. We love the feel that comes with their attractive designs and know about the comfort they provide. With a huge range of designs, Mosmann has truly changed the world of male underwear. It has evolved into a brand that men want to and love to wear. Mosmann has also begun its expansion into leather goods and apparel. The Collections

    Above all, Mosmann is known for their amazing stitching, high colourfastness and bold underwear. Their underwear provides men, like you, with an unprecedented level of comfort. Their unique designs will make you want to flaunt them everywhere you go. Their collection includes the: Basic Series Classic Series Essential Series M-Series Black-Label Series Gold Series Racer Series Skin Series Sports Series

    With a large collection of amazing men’s underwear, Mosmann pleases every type of men from a simple Australian to an ever-busy executive. With Mosmann underwear, you will want to wear it and show it off with pride. This is great and versatile underwear that you have to try at least once in your life. Once you try Mosmann, nothing will feel the same again; you won’t go back to the average pair of undies.

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