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  • Armani Designer Underwear

    Armani Men's Underwear Armani is a name that every fashion lover knows. It is a name that has become synonymous with high-end fashion, for men and women. Armani’s line of underwear is one that guys know especially well. This time around, we explore the world of Armani men’s underwear.

    Giorgio, Emporio or Exchange?

    One of the biggest questions that most people have is which Armani to buy. There are 3 main types of Armani labels; Giorgio and Emporio Armani and the Armani Exchange.

    The Giorgio Armani line of clothes is usually the most expensive of the three. They are usually the most comfortable and fashionable of all three. Clothes from this line are available only at select stores. Unfortunately, be wary, as there is no real Giorgio line of men’s underwear. There is plenty of imitation Giorgio Armani men’s underwear though.

     The Emporio Armani line of men’s underwear is a blend of the Giorgio lines with elements that make it more affordable. The underwear in the Emporio line focuses more on following the latest fashion trends rather than defining it. You can consider the Emporio Armani line as the high-end men’s underwear line. is now going to be the first and only menswear store online in Australia that is going to stock the Armani line of underwear. We are excited about the possibilities of selling this premium brand and the offering that our customers can now enjoy.

    The Armani Exchange line of men’s underwear is by far the most affordable of the 3. The Exchange line draws its influence from street-chic, music and culture. It can be thought of as entry level Armani underwear. The Armani Exchange underwear line gives men a taste of the Armani label and feel without paying top dollar. So Which One do I Get? Well the option really is up to you. In our experience, both have their definite advantages and drawbacks. With the Emporio Armani men’s underwear range, you get really bold and masculine underwear that feel great and provide uncompromised comfort. In short, luxury for your crown jewels. However, you have to dish out a decent amount of money for a pair of Emporio Armani men’s undies. With the Armani Exchange men’s underwear range, you get great looking underwear at an affordable price. Sure, you don’t get that impeccably high quality feel but at least you get a great feel. The Emporio range contains some really comfortable underwear that will get you through the day without a hitch. Considering all the Armani underwear, we feel that there really isn’t any pair of undies that you would call bad. Regardless of the price, you can count on Armani to provide some solid men’s underwear. Guys you should shuffle over to checkout the selection on our site.

  • Intymen Men's Underwear

    Intymen Men's Underwear Guys, it’s high time you let out your dark side. It’s time to spice things up. You have to throw out the old style underwear and really show the world how great the male form is. For all of you who haven’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about Intymen men’s underwear line. The Intymen Difference


    Intymen mens underwear is a different style of men’s underwear altogether. Some companies create completely radical designs while others update the material on old classics. Intymen take the classics, updates them with very comfortable modern fabrics and gives finally blends in a sexy and fun element. It could be a nifty C-ring or even a pouch enhancement hammock, each and every Intymen underwear is different from every other. These elements aim at enhancing the male form, all the while keeping you very comfortable. You could buy a simple pair of classic briefs or even a see through thong, yet you would remain incredibly comfortable. The Underwear Lines Thongs – Guys, let’s face it. You love wearing thongs. If you didn’t, major fashion designers would not be releasing them. Intymen offer a variety of thongs that work to provide comfort, enhanced swing or even better appeal. Swimwear – Intymen’s swimwear line is designed to provide a high level of comfort in aquatic environments. From swim shorts to briefs, Intymen has you covered. Briefs – There are 7 different categories to choose from when it comes to Intymen briefs. From simple and stylish briefs to striped bikini briefs, Intymen briefs will give you the best of comfort and help highlight your masculinity.


    Jockstrap – Honestly, there is nothing like a good old jockstrap. Not only do they provide good support, they truly spice up your life. Add to the mixture the sexy elements that Intymen put in (C-rings, pouches, etc), you get jockstraps that will make you feel amazing. Boxers – Sometimes, nothing really beats good old boxers. Now add to it an Intymen element and you have yourself an exquisite pair of boxers. From swing enhancers to butt lifters, Intymen boxers combine amazing comfort with great breathability and amazing designs to give you truly unique men’s underwear. Intymen mens underwear may not be your average pair of men’s underwear. They may sure look like it but looks can be deceiving. Intymen manage to take classic designs and retrofit them with amazing and sexy elements. Although they may seem like small additions, it can make a huge difference.

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