December 2012

  1. Davenport Everyday Underwear

    Davenport is an Australian company, among the 12 company brands offered by The Bendon Company and comprises of a range of men’s underwear. Launched in 1947, the Bendon Company rose under the leadership of Ray Hurly. With his innate understanding of the lingerie industry and his use of innovative designs as well as attention to product quality, the Bendon Company soon formulated a group of 12 companies that have been catering specifically to the lingerie market over the past 65 years with an aim to provide functional and simple designer lingerie.... Launched in 1987, the Australian brand was created under the direction of Clyde Davenport. Having travelled to Europe and noting the market success and popularity of the boxer shorts, Davenport could foretell that these would be the new rage in the menswear industry in the upcoming seasons. Hoping to catch this wave of change in a positive manner, Davenport launched his brand which showcased designs and styles that were appealing and embodied wit and humor. Continue reading →
  2. Andrew Christian Men’s Briefs.

    There is a significant lack of men’s designers as compared to the designers available for the ladies. Although some opt to cater to both groups, the men’s section has a considerably lesser variety. This shortage in everyday clothing variety extends to Men’s underwear. The lack is particularly felt due to the establishment of designer underwear.  Although there have been many well established designers catering to this particular market, the underwear market for men has come out sorely lacking in the proper dynamics that offer the best support and breathability. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief Among these designers, the emergence of Andrew Christian is considered to be a breath of fresh air. An intrepid designer, he started his own brand “Andrew Christian” in 1997. Although Andrew Christian caters to all aspects of clothing items, it was his line of aesthetically designed underwear that won the company a place in the fashion industry. His underwear is not only known and loved for its comfort, but the fun twist of colors and designs given to traditional underwear has garnered the notice of an audience on a worldwide scale. Continue reading →
  3. Emporio Armani The Fashion Line You Cannot Avoid..

    The name Giorgio Armani is known by all of us, a name that has a place in the fashion industry like no other. Since its earnest beginning, the name Armani has gone through significant advancement and today it is one of the most reputable and successful brands in the fashion industry. Their success and growth can be deduced from the fact that Giorgio Armani has established many other fashion lines that have experienced similar levels of success and favor. Amongst their many clothing lines, the one that you should definitely know about is Emporio Armani. Continue reading →

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