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  • New Arrivals at DUGG: Fun Underwear by Stonemen

    Stonemen is an Australian underwear brand with a mission to create the perfect men’s undies. They are the only underwear brand that creates seamless 360 digital prints on their underwear styles. The artwork that appears on the undies is handpicked by the brand. Because of this, they are able to bring you unique undies with prints inspired by earthy hues and natural landscapes that give a sense of freedom with a retro feel. DUGG has recently stocked up several cool styles by this up and coming brand. First, there are the Stonemen Horses Trunk and Brief. Both are made of a soft blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex and feature a cool print of running mustangs against a white background. The wide black elastic waistband has the brand’s logo printed in white lettering. These are perfect for everyday wear, while they also offer a perfectly fitted design and provide excellent freedom of movement. The Stonemen Forest Trunk features a dark forest print that was created by artist Marc Debnam. These are also constructed from a comfy cotton and spandex blend, while they also feature double stitching and a very supportive contour pouch. This print is more subdued and offers an excellent alternative to classic black undies. For something a little more colorful see the Stonemen Red Sunset Trunk, which features a print of a glorious beach sunset in a deep red and orange color. The artwork is framed perfectly by the black waistband and piping along the leg openings. These are also constructed of primarily cotton, so they are perfect for everyday wear, or for a night on the town. Another great colorful option is the Stonemen Cosmos Trunk, which features a print of the cosmos against a dark blue background. These also come in a blend of cotton and spandex and are an absolute must have for any men’s underwear connoisseur. For a really unique and trippy style check out the Stonemen Colts Trunk. This pair of men’s underwear features a colt gun design in a brown and bone colour. You’ll be hard pressed to find another pair of undies as unique as this one on the market today, and what’s more, these are subdued enough to easily replace your classic white or black undies. Another fun print is the Stonemen Skulls Trunk. It was created by artist Tony Flash and features blue birds and skull print frames against a white background. A black waistband and leg edging frame the artwork. These are also made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex to give you the ultimate in comfort, flexibility and breathability. For more Stonemen undies available at DUGG click here.

  • Subscription Based Underwear Buying

    The Aussie Tim Nieuwenhuis recently started his own subscription online store called DUGG Delivered Undies. The idea behind this store is that undies for men should be affordable, accessible and available when needed. His store sells subscriptions for next day, free deliveries to anywhere in Australia of packs of two, three, or four pairs of underwear every three months, along with free socks. On the face of it, this sounds like a pretty solid plan, but for a few caveats. The underwear Will sells is non-brand name, cheap underwear, and if you want quality new and affordable undies regularly you can get them in multi packs from other online retailers as well. DUGG carries quite a selection of value packs of underwear from some of the hottest brand in the business. And what’s more, DUGG also offers free shipping across Australia, so there really is no reason to skimp on your next underwear purchase, even if you get it in a multi pack. Here are a few value pack suggestions: If you’re a trunk/boxer brief fan, you really can’t go wrong with the Calvin Klein VlTORGGRY Low Rise Cotton Trunk, which is available in packs of three. You can choose from a pack filled with either three pairs of white or three pairs of black undies with different colored waistbands. These trunks are made from blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane and feature a comfy contour pouch. For the high fashion conscious among you, check out the Hugo Boss Stretch Cotton 3 Pack Trunk. These designer trunks are made from a very soft stretch cotton and feature a fitted contour pouch and a soft elastic waistband. They come in the color black, with a multi colored Hugo Boss logo along the waistband. They’re available in sizes S to XL. And for those of you who prefer a more classic style, see the Jockey Classic Y-Front Value 3 Pack. These traditional Y-Front briefs are constructed from 100% cotton, which is very breathable. These briefs are very comfy to wear, offer great support and were made for everyday wear. They come in a high rise cut with added seat coverage. They are available in affordable 3 packs and the colors navy and white. If you’re more of a boxers man, then the Coast Cotton Boxers Two Pack might be just the thing. These 100% cotton boxers, come in a loose fit, a comfy elastic waistband and a single button fly. You get awesome value for money if you get one of the 2 packs that these come in. These boxers are available in a variety of colors, which are rarely the same twice. These come in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. For more great multi packs of underwear available at DUGG click here.

  • Underwear Shouldn’t Double as Sleepwear

    Sleepwear is an important part of loungewear and really shouldn’t be comprised of old washed-out boxer shorts, long johns or stretched out t-shirts. Or worse yet, there really is no excuse to just take off your pants at the end of the day and go to sleep in your undies. Sure, it happens from time to time, but it should not become a habit. And even old threadbare flannel pajamas should be replaced every so often. There are so many sleepwear styles, cuts and designs available that there are few excuses not to get yourself some new PJs from time to time. Here are some suggestions to get you started. For those chilly spring or autumn nights, you can’t go wrong with the Calvin Klein Knit Boxer in Sparkler Blue. This mid length short is a perfect piece of fashionable sleepwear, while it can also easily double as loungewear on those lazy days. It is made from 100% cotton and features a comfy wide elastic band and a single button fly. If you prefer a longer length, then try the Macpherson Men Lounge Pant in Blue Red. These are made from comfy, lightweight cotton and come in a loose fit that is perfect all year round. They feature a gathered elastic waistband, complete with a drawstring for an even better fit. In the Australian climate, these are perfect for sleeping in, as well as wearing around the house. They’ll keep you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. For something a little more fashionable, see the Hugo Boss Long Pant Sleepwear. These are made from a blend of 90% modal and 10% elastane and are probably the most luxurious, the softest and the most comfortable sleep pants you can get. They come in a subdued dark grey color with a black waistband, and can easily double as loungewear. An added bonus with these is the fact that you can even safely wear them out of the house. And for a nice set, check out the Coast Cotton Short and PJ Shirt Set in Bengal Stripe. This pair of pajamas is made from 100% cotton, and is comprised of a loose fitting, button up shirt and amatching longer length short. These are made to last and come in sizes S to XXL. Another awesome set for those hot summer months is the Emporio Armani Woven Pajama Set in Fuxia Tartan. For the fashion conscious man, this is an great choice of sleepwear. It features a comfy crew neck t-shirt, and soft, lightweight cotton boxer in a vivid pink tartan print. Both can double as loungewear around the house, while the shirt can easily be word out of the house. This also makes for the perfect gift this Christmas, or on another special occasion. For more PJ styles available from Dugg click here.

  • Christina Aguilera Likes to Lounge Around in Men’s Boxers

    The talented and sexy pop singer Christina Aguilera recently graced the cover of Maxim magazine. In the interview Christina did for this same magazine, she revealed that she feels most comfortable when she can just lounge around in a stretchy top and a pair of men’s boxers. She went on to add that she feels sexy wearing such loungewear. According to Christina sexiness should be effortless and not the result of trying too hard. Real attractiveness and sexiness comes from within, or more specifically from your own inner confidence. This always shows through in your poise and manner, no matter what you may be wearing at the time. What about you? Do you feel sexy wearing just a pair of soft and comfy boxers? Here are a few styles of boxers for you to check out. All of them are very comfortable and also designed to show off your physique perfectly. And ladies, feel free to order a pair for yourselves. For the ultimate in cozy comfort, you can’t go wrong with the Bendon Man Cotton Boxer. It is made from 100% cotton and comes in handy and affordable 2 packs. These boxers feature a soft elastic waistband, and have reinforced crotch stitching. The colors available as part of the packs are also subdued, yet still stylish. And ladies, the fly is concealed, so hardly anyone will know that this is a man’s pair of boxers. These packs come in sizes S to XL. For something a little more trendy, try the C-in2 Hand Me Down Runner Boxer Short. This retro style boxer is made from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which ensures that these are very comfy to wear, yet still hug your body in all the right places without being too tight. They come in a washed-out, faded blue color, and a sexy low-rise cut. In other words, they’re perfect for lounging in style. For something a little more unique see the Mitch Dowd Long Boxer. This navy and white striped boxer comes in a longer length and is awesome for everyday wear, while it can also double as sleepwear. It is made from 100% soft cotton and a comfortable loose fit. It is available in sizes S to XL. And for a real high fashion look you must check out the Emporio Armani Woven Boxer in Yellow Tartan. This boxer comes in a yellow and green check tartan print and is made from 100% woven cotton. The wide black elastic band features the Emporio Armani logo in bold letters. These come in a shorter leg and a loose fitting design, though none of the sexiness is lost in this high fashion boxer. For more boxers available at Dugg click here.

  • This Week Only: Five Brands on Sale for 25% Off

    For the duration of this week, DUGG is holding a special, 25% off sale on five of the hottest brands in the world of men’s underwear. These brands are Calvin Klein Underwear, 2(X)Ist, Diesel, Sly, and G-Star. DUGG has quite a selection of undies from these brands available and here are a few suggestions based on this year’s hottest underwear trends. Calvin Klein has been a household name when it comes to underwear for quite a while now. Stylish designs, awesome materials and affordable prices make CKU the go-to brand when underwear shopping. If you’re a briefs kind of guy, but don’t want to settle for the old-school tighty whities, check out the Calvin Klein Cotton Bold Briefs. This low-waist brief comes in the colors black and white and is a much sexier alternative to the classic brief. The brief features an ultra soft waistband and a comfy contour pouch, and is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. These briefs offer great flexibility and freedom of movement, as well as a hot body defining fit. Sly Underwear may not yet be a household name, but they offer such cool prints and designs that they rightly should be. An awesome choice is the Sly Underwear Graffiti BUGRAWM trunk. It comes in a vividly colored graffiti-inspired print that will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. This trunk is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane and is absolutely perfect for everyday wear. This trunk features a low-waist, a comfy contour pouch and a front fly. 2(X)Ist, on the other hand, is fast becoming a big name in the world of men’s underwear. They offer super sexy variations on your classic underwear styles, and the 2(X)Ist Stretch No Show Trunk is definitely worth checking out. These come in convenient 2 packs, each of which contains a black and white pair. This trunk comes in a sexy low-rise cut and has a very minimalistic design. They are made from a very soft cotton and spandex blend, which will hug your body perfectly while offering great support. Diesel is probably a brand more often associated with jeans, but they make quite a range of men’s underwear too. One style that definitely deserves a closer look is the Diesel Fresh and Bright Rainbow Stripe Brief. This retro styled brief is made from cotton and elastane blend, and features a cool, rainbow stripe design. The wide white elastic waistband bears the Diesel logo in purple. These briefs are an excellent way to brighten up your undies drawer and are perfect for everyday wear, especially because they feature a very comfortable contour pouch. And last but not least, is G-Star underwear. This is another brand that is more famous for their clothing creations, but they also make great undies to wear under those clothes. If you’re in the market for a pair of comfy trunks to wear around the house or to sleep in, you can’t go wrong with the G-Star RAW California Sport Trunk. These come in a cool red and black plaid-inspired and are made from a very soft cotton blend for the ultimate in all day long comfort. For more styles on sale right now click here.

  • Tom Cruise is a Huge Fan of Thong Underwear

    Here’s something you probably didn’t know. The UK paper Daily Star recently revealed that the actor Tom Cruise loves to wear thongs. In fact, he finds them so comfortable that he rarely wears anything else. According to the confidential source that broke the story, Tom likes wearing thongs because they offer the utmost in “comfort and flexibility.” The star of Mission Impossible, Top Gun, and more recently Oblivion will apparently wear nothing but G-strings, which must be made from a soft and stretchy material. Such undies offer him all the necessary freedom of movement and flexibility when filming those daredevil stunts and action scenes. Tom Cruise now demands that the film’s wardrobe crew keeps on set at least 50 pairs of thongs for him to change into at need. And who can blame the 51-year old action movie star for wanting to be comfortable while he performs his own stunts? What about you? Have you ever considered trying out a thong? Thongs for men range in styles from the skimpy G-String to the styles that greatly resemble the robust appearance of a jockstrap. And all of them come in versions that are just as manly as your regular pair of briefs. Here’s a list of some thongs to check out. The popular underwear brand 2(X)IST has quite a few hot thongs to check out, but if you’re looking for something more classic, you can’t go wrong with their Essentials Y Back Thong. This simple thing is made from 100% ring-spun combed cotton and features a comfy microfiber waistband. It also has a contoured pouch which offers excellent support. This thong has a unique back design in the form of Y-shaped straps, which will not show through even the tightest pair of pants. The thong also comes in a low cut, so there is no chance that it will show above the waistband of your pants. For something a touch more sexy and daring, there is the Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong. This thong is super skimpy and will not show under your clothing no matter what. It does however come with a contour pouch that will lift and push out your frontal assets, thereby enhancing their appearance. This thong is made from a blend of polyester and spandex, and offers excellent stretch and flexibility. It is available in the colors black, royal blue, and orange. And if you want to try out a G-String, then the Good Devil Lace G String is well worth checking out. This low cut G-string has a pouch that is made from a nearly see-through lace material and is therefore perfect for those special occasions. However, since it is made from a polymide and spandex blend it is also perfect for everyday wear, as this is a very durable fabric blend. The pouch of this G-sting is unlined, meaning that you get a totally free-hanging fit, which still offers the needed support. To check out more G-strings and thongs available at DUGG click here.

  • G-Star Underwear on Sale For a Limited Time

    G-Star is a brand that may be better known for creating fashionable clothing, but they also make quite a few stylish pieces of underwear for men. DUGG has quite a few of their creations in stock, and for a limited time you can try out this brand at a 25% discount. The G-Star men’s underwear range is made up of quite a few different styles of boxers, trunks and boxer briefs. If you’re looking for a cool and unique twist on these classic styles you really can’t go wrong with this brand. Check out some ideas below. For a trunk that’s not quite like all the others on the market today, see the G-Star RAW Harding Sport Trunk collection. It is made up of trunks in 2 different colored prints, namely teal, granite, and Swedish blue. All of these prints are classic enough for everyday wear, but still miles away from being your boring old black or white trunks. The items in this line are made from 95% soft cotton and 5% elastane. They feature a wide elastic waistband with the G-Star logo, as well as a well-designed contour pouch that will hold you comfortably all day long. For a really cool pair of trunks, try the G-Star RAW Colorado Sports Trunk. This trunk comes in a stripped design reminiscent of the navy. These trunks feature a very comfortable modal waistband, which will keep them in place but will not cinch or squeeze too much. The body of these undies is made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, and also features a comfortable and supportive contour pouch. These are available in sizes S to XL. For a more classic but still fun look check out the G Star RAW Classic Low Rise Trunk. These trunks come in a low-rise design and are made from a very soft cotton and elastane blend. As such, they offer a soft feel against the skin, while they are also triple stitched for extra strength and durability. Each of the trunks features a comfy waistband in a vivid contrasting color, while the body is available in the solid colors of dark grey or white. These are also available in 2 packs that consist of a dark grey and a white pair, and come in sizes S to XL. And if the classic boxer is more your thing, then the G-Star RAW Kings Boxer might be just what you need. This is a very well-designed boxer, and is made from 100% soft cotton and has a gathered elastic waistband. It comes in a shorter leg than most other boxer shorts for added freedom of movement. These are available in the colors blue and black and sizes S to XL. In addition to undies, G-Star also offers a number of tanks, and T-shirts, which can be worn by themselves or under clothing. For a full list of G-Star items available at DUGG click here.

  • Underwear That Keeps Your Valuables Safe

    Anyone who has ever travelled extensively, or even just a little bit, knows that one of the biggest concerns is keeping your valuables safe. Pickpockets, thieves and muggers like to target tourists, which is why you should always be prepared. The best way to keep from drawing unwanted attention is by blending in as much as possible and keeping your most valuable possessions in a safe place. The right pair of undies can be your friend in this department. In other words, if you get a pair of undies with hidden pockets for your valuables you can forget about those flat bags you have to wear under your shirt. Or you can use both, and lessen the risk of getting robbed even more. Mostly underwear geared towards travelers isn’t the most comfortable or stylish to wear, though all of that is changing. A group of Australians recently started a Kickstarter project to back the manufacture of a unique set of so-called Adventure Underwear. The good news is that they have managed to raise enough funds to go ahead with the project and we should soon be able to try out the first pairs in action. These undies are the adventure traveler's dream, and can also come in very handy for the casual tourist. Adventure Underwear features two hidden pockets. One allows for easy access, for things like keys, credit cards and money. The other pocket is waterproof and large enough to hold your smartphone, passport and other larger valuables. It is removable and certified to be water tight for up to 200ft deep by Scuba Schools International. Pretty cool, if you ask me. And that’s not all, these waterproof pockets are also made for 100% recycled new age polyethylene, and are even rated food safe by the US Food and Drugs Administration. So, there’s no need to go hungry anywhere you decide to go, or end up going. These undies will be made from 100% superfine Australian merino wool. Yes, you read that right: wool. However, what you may not know is that wool is a fabric that will keep you warm during the winter, but it will also keep you cool during the summer. This is especially true of merino wool that these pairs of underwear are made of. It has an ultra soft texture, which makes the undies lightweight and breathable, and also allows them to dry very quickly and to not hold odors. A perfect pair of undies, even for everyday wear. The undies should become available in about a month or so, so watch out for that. They will come in an assortment of colors and sizes ranging from S to XXL, so you will find a pair that will fit you, guaranteed. For now, these are only available for men, though I’m sure that if they take off, a female version is next.

  • New at Dugg: Cocksox Underwear

    Cocksox is one of those underwear brands that until recently only made underwear for a select and daring clientele. The name itself says it all really, they basically made “socks” for your private parts. Very revealing and very sexy but definitely not for everyone. They still make those specialty, signature pieces, but they have now also began catering to a wider target market, though they have sacrificed none of the sexy that is their trademark. Dugg has quite a selection of Cocksox underwear, ranging from totally skimpy to full coverage. Read on to find out more. First there is the Cocksox Men's Mesh Briefs. These are made from an extremely soft mesh, which is see-through everywhere but on the front pouch. This is a sexy piece of underwear, yet still subdued enough for everyday wear. They are very breathable, lightweight and feature an enhancing design, for that added bit of hotness. For something a little more traditional, check out the Cocksox Boxer Trunk. This sleek, low-rise trunk comes in a body-hugging cut, and features a frontal pouch, which lifts and pushes out your frontal assets for a visually larger package. The enhancing pouch is incredibly comfortable, since it features no hidden straps or padding. These come in a variety of colors, namely black, red, white, blue or leopard, for the most daring among you. If you’re in the market for a new jockstrap, then you might want to check out the Cocksox Jockstrap. This jock will make you look awesome, due to its sexy design and enhancing capabilities. The pouch will lift and push our your package, and give you all the needed support for sports. This jock features a wide elastic waistband that will hold this jockstrap in place even during the most vigorous of workouts. This jock is also available in a ton of fun colors, like blue, red and even leopard print. For a classic retro look, you can’t go wrong with the Cocksox Sports Brief. This brief is made from a fast drying Supplex material, which makes it perfect for sports or everyday wear. As do all the Cocksox undies, this one also features an enhancing frontal pouch. The brief comes in a low cut, with stylish piping along the pouch and leg openings. It is available in many unique colors, including a vivid orange. And for something a lot sexier, you definitely want to check out the Cocksox Brief. This is an original Cocksox design and has made the brand the leader in the barely there segment of the men’s underwear market. This brief is made from a blend of 92% Spandex and 8% Lycra, and wearing these truly feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. These are still extremely hot, mainly due to the fact that despite being totally skimpy, they still feature the enhancing pouch, which lifts and pushes out your frontal assets. They’re available in a number of cool colors, such as hot pink, neon green and more.

  • David Beckham in a New Underwear Campaign

    Who hasn’t heard of David Beckham yet? Married to Posh Spice, a star football player, underwear model, multi-millionaire, father of four, and the list goes on. Well, David has recently added an H&M underwear and sportswear collection to the list. To remind, David Beckham has already appeared as the face of many underwear brands, including Armani. The new Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection by H&M is already available in stores. The range is made up of underwear, loungewear and track pants. It is perfect for an everyday, sporty lifestyle, relaxing after work, or walking the dog. All the items in the collection will be available in a retro grey and/or navy color. Beckham also showcases the Spring 2013 H&M collection in an ad directed by the famous British director Guy Ritchie. The ad shows Beckham in his signature pose, looking off into the middle distance and brooding. According to Beckham, this collection is also the one he feels most at home in. in his own words: “I love the heritage athletic style of the new pieces in my Bodywear collection at H&M. The vests, pyjama pants and raglan sleeve tops are already like wardrobe favorites for me that I know I’ll wear all season long. It was great to shoot them in an old-fashioned East End changing room. It was like I had gone right back to my roots.” Though not the centerpiece of the collection, the underwear plays a large part in the H&M David Beckham Bodywear line. There’s boxer briefs featuring contrasting waistbands and a double seam along the front that will be available as part of the collection. So for any of you who thought the footballer was over the edge at 38 years old, he has proven us all wrong, hasn’t he? If retro style undies and sportswear is your thing, then Dugg has quite a few pieces you might like. For example, check out this cool C-in2 Hand Me Down Runner Boxer Short called Ombre. It comes in a faded wash, a loose fit and retro style trimmings along the leg openings. It is made from a comfy cotton blend and features a soft elastic band. For lounging in style, you can’t beat the Macpherson Men Lounge Pant in heather grey. This lounge pant is made from 100% cotton, features a functional button fly, comes in a loose fit and long length and is designed in the classic Macpherson style. It can also double as a pair of comfy pyjamas. And for something a little more stylish and sexy, check out the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Trunk. This piece of underwear comes in a classic cut, yet still features the hot, body hugging design that Andrew Christian is famous for. It’s made from a special bamboo fabric, which is extremely soft and light, and will keep you cool all day long. For that added bit of comfort and sexiness, the trunk also features and anatomically correct pouch, which will enhance your frontal measurements and offer all the support you need. This trunk is perfect for everyday wear and is great for sports as well.

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