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  • 2(X)IST: Your Optimal Choice for Boxer Briefs

    2xist Boxer Briefs In an image conscious world, where more and more people make a continuous effort to look good, it is only natural for the fashion world to dominate the undergarment sector as well. In the olden days no one, except maybe Superman, gave any attention to the detail of their undergarments. Back then, pretty much single fabric monotonous underwear was sufficient to fulfill the needs of individuals. This scenario has changed completely in today’s world. Major fashion houses have now started to design and produce their own line of underwear, and interestingly this trend has increased. According to major brands, a man’s image is incomplete without proper fashionable undergarments, and these companies do a good job of advertising this. Today the world is a different place, and dressing in a simple way is no longer accepted.   Modern fashion trends have had their share of impact on men’s undergarments as well. However, the point worth noting is that undergarments do play a role in enhancing the image and personality of a person. People don’t just have to look good, they also have to carry their look in a graceful manner. The comfort and design of modern underwear help us do just that. For this reason, we see a huge amount of importance being associated with good looking durable underwear. One major brand that you should definitely look into is 2xist. Having proper undergarments is extremely important. At 2xist, you can easily find such underwear that fulfill your private clothing needs.  You can also find a range of fabric material being used, such as nylon, cotton, flannel and even silk. The options available to you are immense. Moreover, your preference shouldn't just be based on the type of fabric, but you can also make a choice based on the color and design of the undergarments. Whatever your need is, 2xist can easily fulfill it. When talking about 2xist, it is worth taking note of one of the most sought after fashion style in undergarments, namely boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are also known as tight boxers, as they are longer in the leg area and are of tight-fitting nature like that of briefs. For most people, there is no alternative to boxer briefs because many of us get used to their feel and comfort since childhood. This kind of undergarment is commonly worn by athletes and sporting professionals, as their comfort and durability is like no other. Even for normal days, this sort of undergarment is quite optimal. The loose nature of this fabric helps your skin breathe and, furthermore, it also improves your mobility. Whatever the time, boxer briefs are the optimal choice for you. Previously meant specifically for high function, boxer briefs can also fulfill your fashion needs as well. You can easily find a wide range of boxer briefs at 2xist. This major brand provides you with an updated classic look for individuals preferring a hip rise, functioning fly, and legs inspired from bike shorts ending at mid-thigh. With this unique combo, get ready to enjoy the comfort and look at a perfect boxer brief.

  • Armani Designer Underwear

    Armani Men's Underwear Armani is a name that every fashion lover knows. It is a name that has become synonymous with high-end fashion, for men and women. Armani’s line of underwear is one that guys know especially well. This time around, we explore the world of Armani men’s underwear.

    Giorgio, Emporio or Exchange?

    One of the biggest questions that most people have is which Armani to buy. There are 3 main types of Armani labels; Giorgio and Emporio Armani and the Armani Exchange.

    The Giorgio Armani line of clothes is usually the most expensive of the three. They are usually the most comfortable and fashionable of all three. Clothes from this line are available only at select stores. Unfortunately, be wary, as there is no real Giorgio line of men’s underwear. There is plenty of imitation Giorgio Armani men’s underwear though.

     The Emporio Armani line of men’s underwear is a blend of the Giorgio lines with elements that make it more affordable. The underwear in the Emporio line focuses more on following the latest fashion trends rather than defining it. You can consider the Emporio Armani line as the high-end men’s underwear line. is now going to be the first and only menswear store online in Australia that is going to stock the Armani line of underwear. We are excited about the possibilities of selling this premium brand and the offering that our customers can now enjoy.

    The Armani Exchange line of men’s underwear is by far the most affordable of the 3. The Exchange line draws its influence from street-chic, music and culture. It can be thought of as entry level Armani underwear. The Armani Exchange underwear line gives men a taste of the Armani label and feel without paying top dollar. So Which One do I Get? Well the option really is up to you. In our experience, both have their definite advantages and drawbacks. With the Emporio Armani men’s underwear range, you get really bold and masculine underwear that feel great and provide uncompromised comfort. In short, luxury for your crown jewels. However, you have to dish out a decent amount of money for a pair of Emporio Armani men’s undies. With the Armani Exchange men’s underwear range, you get great looking underwear at an affordable price. Sure, you don’t get that impeccably high quality feel but at least you get a great feel. The Emporio range contains some really comfortable underwear that will get you through the day without a hitch. Considering all the Armani underwear, we feel that there really isn’t any pair of undies that you would call bad. Regardless of the price, you can count on Armani to provide some solid men’s underwear. Guys you should shuffle over to checkout the selection on our site.

  • Intymen Men's Underwear

    Intymen Men's Underwear Guys, it’s high time you let out your dark side. It’s time to spice things up. You have to throw out the old style underwear and really show the world how great the male form is. For all of you who haven’t guessed it yet, I’m talking about Intymen men’s underwear line. The Intymen Difference


    Intymen mens underwear is a different style of men’s underwear altogether. Some companies create completely radical designs while others update the material on old classics. Intymen take the classics, updates them with very comfortable modern fabrics and gives finally blends in a sexy and fun element. It could be a nifty C-ring or even a pouch enhancement hammock, each and every Intymen underwear is different from every other. These elements aim at enhancing the male form, all the while keeping you very comfortable. You could buy a simple pair of classic briefs or even a see through thong, yet you would remain incredibly comfortable. The Underwear Lines Thongs – Guys, let’s face it. You love wearing thongs. If you didn’t, major fashion designers would not be releasing them. Intymen offer a variety of thongs that work to provide comfort, enhanced swing or even better appeal. Swimwear – Intymen’s swimwear line is designed to provide a high level of comfort in aquatic environments. From swim shorts to briefs, Intymen has you covered. Briefs – There are 7 different categories to choose from when it comes to Intymen briefs. From simple and stylish briefs to striped bikini briefs, Intymen briefs will give you the best of comfort and help highlight your masculinity.


    Jockstrap – Honestly, there is nothing like a good old jockstrap. Not only do they provide good support, they truly spice up your life. Add to the mixture the sexy elements that Intymen put in (C-rings, pouches, etc), you get jockstraps that will make you feel amazing. Boxers – Sometimes, nothing really beats good old boxers. Now add to it an Intymen element and you have yourself an exquisite pair of boxers. From swing enhancers to butt lifters, Intymen boxers combine amazing comfort with great breathability and amazing designs to give you truly unique men’s underwear. Intymen mens underwear may not be your average pair of men’s underwear. They may sure look like it but looks can be deceiving. Intymen manage to take classic designs and retrofit them with amazing and sexy elements. Although they may seem like small additions, it can make a huge difference.

  • Hugo Boss Men's Underwear

      Hugo Boss Men’s Underwear Hugo Boss is a name that every one of you has heard of, male or female. To all you guys out there, you know how incredible Hugo Boss is and how amazing their underwear line is. The sheer comfort their underwear provide is truly difficult to rival. Here is a closer look at some Hugo Boss men’s underwear. The Multiple Collections If there is one thing we all know and love about Hugo Boss, it’s their amazing collections that we talk about here at the mens underwear blog. There will never be Hugo Boss underwear that is not right for you. The fact is, Hugo Boss has over 16 different lines of underwear. From cotton basics to innovation microfiber, there is a pair of undies for every man out there. The extensive Hugo Boss Lines include: Cotton Basics Cotton Modal Flex Cotton Limited Edition Cotton Performance Stretch Cotton Basics Pure Cotton Stretch Cotton Stretch Pima Cotton Woven Cotton Microfiber Experience Microfiber Innovation Microfiber Modal Cotton Stretch Modal Stretch Cotton Lines Hugo Boss’s cotton lines have been created to provide the ultimate in comfort. You already know that cotton breathes better than most other material so this is a definite plus in this line. Various lines offer different benefits to their wearers. For example, the basics line provides great comfort and simple designs at affordable prices. The Flex Cotton line has been created to provide comfort regardless of your body shape. Microfiber Lines The microfiber lines are designed to provide a lightweight, cool and stylish solution to men’s underwear. The microfiber lines are primarily aimed at providing a great fit with exceptional elasticity that does not feel awkward. Made from a combination of polyamide, elastane and polyester, this line gives you breathable underwear that does not add bulk. Compared to normal stretch lines, the microfiber lines breathe better. Modal Line Modal is a relatively new fabric that is being used in the fashion industry. Modal is usually softer than cotton and many have reported it as being breathable. With a high water absorbing tendency than cotton, modal is a great fabric to put into underwear. Hugo Boss use modal in at least 3 of their lines. This provides men with unrivaled comfort and feel, all the while maintaining maximum breathability. Hugo boss truly has a hand in changing the male underwear fashion industry. With so many different underwear lines being sold, you will never have a problem picking up a pair of Hugo Boss undies. However, you may have a hard time choosing from the exceptional range.

  • Mosmann

    Mosmann Men’s Underwear Mosmann is an Australian men’s underwear company that has made its mark in the world. With a wide selection of men’s underwear, you can rest assured that Mosmann has something for every man. Let’s take a closer look at the Mosmann legacy shall we? The Story Behind the Phenomenon

    Previously, underwear was something you would wear because ‘you had to’. You needed some protection for your crown jewels and I guess anything could work. However, four friends did not think that way. They felt that this old philosophy was wrong. They believe that if you wear great underwear and look good, you will feel good. And so started the Mosmann legacy, now we show it in our mens underwear blog. They left their jobs in order to create underwear that men would want to wear. They set out to create stylish yet comfortable underwear geared towards the Australian lifestyle. However, even with a pool of 4 amazing fashion savvy brains at work, changing the mindset of an entire nation of men is not an easy task. Fortunately for us, it was more than enough. The Challenge

    The friends felt that something lacked in the men’s underwear area. In order to succeed, they would first have to change the way men thought about underwear. They had to design something unique. They wanted to change the idea around underwear with their experience in international design. Considering the immense success they have received, I guess they were right. Progress What was a single office in Australia, Mosmann now have offices in the United States, China, Germany, Japan, Brazil, France and the United Kingdom. Whether you wear boxers, briefs or trunks, Mosmann has you covered. They take style and infuse it with high quality and comfortable fabrics. The continuous support from men like you, both local and international, has helped transform the company. Now, Mosmann is a brand of men’s underwear that we all know and love. We love the feel that comes with their attractive designs and know about the comfort they provide. With a huge range of designs, Mosmann has truly changed the world of male underwear. It has evolved into a brand that men want to and love to wear. Mosmann has also begun its expansion into leather goods and apparel. The Collections

    Above all, Mosmann is known for their amazing stitching, high colourfastness and bold underwear. Their underwear provides men, like you, with an unprecedented level of comfort. Their unique designs will make you want to flaunt them everywhere you go. Their collection includes the: Basic Series Classic Series Essential Series M-Series Black-Label Series Gold Series Racer Series Skin Series Sports Series

    With a large collection of amazing men’s underwear, Mosmann pleases every type of men from a simple Australian to an ever-busy executive. With Mosmann underwear, you will want to wear it and show it off with pride. This is great and versatile underwear that you have to try at least once in your life. Once you try Mosmann, nothing will feel the same again; you won’t go back to the average pair of undies.

  • Calvin Klein Briefs for a Modern Look

    Calvin Klein Briefs for a Modern Look

    As all of you know, “CK” is a monogram that has become synonymous with their lives. The mega fashion house Calvin Klein Inc. was founded in 1968 by Mr. Calvin Klein himself. The current owner of this worldwide phenomenon is none other than apparel giant Phillips-Van Heusen. There headquarters are based in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United States. The current creative director of the men’s range is none other than Kevin Carrigan. He has worked tirelessly since 1998 with the brand to create a wide line of menswear (including briefs) that have really taken the world by storm.

    You all know the modern look Calvin Klein portrays from the many celebrities and top models that have sported their trendy underwear. This includes their exceptional line of briefs. Calvin Klein has continuously transformed its line of briefs to match the style of the modern times you live in. We all know it’s not a mystery why Calvin Klein briefs have become a modern icon. Calvin Klein has been using new fabrics to create a full spectrum of briefs that can be used both in athletic and special conditions. The new cuts in their latest collection really do show a trendy yet sophisticated style that we can see in you; the modern man.

    Their collection of briefs includes classic and basic styles to innovative cuts that use a variety of new-age fabrics. The quality of Calvin Klein briefs are what many of you will consider as unmatchable. The combination of fabrics and material really do create an exceptionally comfortable feel – important in today’s fast-paced times. For example, the Calvin Klein Body Hip brief is a simple yet modern brief that is tailor-made for men that want a clean body-contouring fit that is both breathable and sports a modern look. The light design, contoured pouch and the low-rise snug fit really do blend well to give you ultimate comfort and functionality. They can be used for every situation. You could go to work, college or even the gym – the demands of modern life. What's more impressive is that the price tag associated with most of their briefs is affordable. This is crucial in modern times where saving money has become a necessity.

    If you want fashionable, sexy AND comfortable briefs, Calvin Klein really is the way to go. Combining the affordable price tag hanging from each of their briefs, Calvin Klein really does give men a modern look.

  • Good Devil

    Good Devil – For Something a Little Different

    The hustle and bustle of life has unfortunately reduced most of us to wearing the same old plain type of underwear day in and out. Don’t you feel like being different sometimes? Well fortunately for you, Good Devil lets you do just that. Everyone has two sides; good and bad. According to Good Devil, their brand of vividly sexy underwear allows you to bring out the naughty side while exploring both. Good Devil is not for those who want to play it safe. The underwear made by Good Devil is all about feeling great with your immense sex appeal.

    If you look at the most “conservative” piece made by Good Devil, you will notice that it could be classified as “extremely sexy” rather than “conservative”.  But that is what this is all about - feeling different for a change. If you look at their sense of style, you will be really impressed. Their designs are such that women will be swooning over the underwear and the models wearing them. When you feel stylish, don’t you try to stylize and look great? When you feel sexy, why not actually wear sexy and REALLY feel it? One thing you will realize is how simple the designs can be but how amazing they can make you feel. If you love jocks, Good Devil is perfect for your tastes. With a reduction in size, the amount of fabric used is obviously much less than standard underwear. However, if you think that this will reduce the comfort of the underwear, you are mistaken. Granted that it may take a little time getting used to, but once you do, you will never want to go back again.

    Good Devil underwear is available in four basic colours. These include grey, white, red and black. If males love being sexy, women will love when you feel different. Good Devil is perfect for those steamy moments with your partner. Not only does the rear profile look sexy, it feels comfortable. The waistband keeps the underwear on you while the pouch keeps all the “gear” in check. The material that Good Devil uses in their sexy line of underwear contains a blend of Spandex (4%) and Cotton (96%). Spandex provides a good amount of stretch to the material while the cotton helps keep the comfort level high and your crotch well ventilated (not that it already isn’t with their underwear).

    What's better is that there are never any flaws in the garment’s construction. You will never see a stray strand of cotton anywhere. You will never even see the stitching unravel. But wait, there’s more. The price tag associated with this brand is (queue drum roll) AFFORABLE. If you are a guy that loves to mix and match your style every now and then, Good Devil is made for you. It is always great to feel a little adventurous, a little dangerous and a tad primal. If you are female and want your man’s “man” to dazzle you tonight, get him Good Devil – change is ALWAYS good.

  • Falke Socks

    Falke Socks

    It’s understandable if you have never heard of Falke. Germans are usually well known for their lingerie lines. Founded in 1895 by Franz Falke-Rohen, Falke has become an international phenomenon and are known for manufacturing high-end and top-notch apparel at an affordable price. It does not matter what season it is as there are always Falke mens underwear socks you can use in every season and/or every occasion. Winter can get pretty cold but it does not matter, there is always a pair of thick Falke socks that are ready to help you tackle the cold weather. Sometimes you may want to step out of a bland pair of socks and wear a pair that will make people go wow. These socks have been made for men as well – these socks are not only for women. However, it could get really hot inside and this is never comfortable. Not only will Falke socks look good, a pair of their socks will grant you the level of comfort you need. Furthermore, for a pair of high quality socks and men's underwear, they are affordable. The blend of fabrics and material in Falke socks make them exceptionally comfortable to wear. Falke socks are made from a blend of polyamide, Lyocell, cotton and polypropylene. For example, the FALKE BC6 Racing Socks are made from 8% Lyocell, 20% Cotton, 34% Polypropylene and 38% Polyamide. With such a blend, most of you may think twice about how they actually feel like. As expected, the feel of Falke socks is top-notch. If you have ever worn a pair, you will know what I mean. For those who have never worn a pair of superior quality socks, you are in for quite a shock. Falke socks are designed to provide a high level of quality and comfort and that is exactly what they deliver. It could be really hot outside and wearing socks can be a real nuisance. However, you also need protection right? This may be a really confusing time but you do not need to fret as Falke socks overcome this problem with relative ease. What is really interesting is that Falke has not shifted its manufacturing to countries where labour is cheap. Everything is manufactured and shipped from Germany - this helps open up new jobs for German citizens. Falke socks really have made a mark in Germany and worldwide. Their name has become synonymous with high end quality mens underwear and affordable prices. You have to buy a pair to experience the Falke difference.

  • Sly

    SLY Play Hard

    In less than a year, it seems that SLY underwear has captured the youth of Australia with its brilliant styles, cutting edge fabrics and its impressive quality. Their four hundred stores operate in over four countries - all within 12 months as well. It is a pleasure to always see what SLY has come up with every time a new line is launched. You can imagine our surprise when the creative sparks of SLY started appearing again when they released Play Hard – denim underwear.

    First Impressions

    When you initially look at the Play Hard denim underwear, I can guarantee that you will want them right off the bat; and who wouldn’t? You could wear such denim underwear anywhere you wanted; jogging in the park, the beach or even a hike. The best part is that hardly anyone will notice that you are wearing underwear; not denim shorts. The cotton that the denim underwear is made from helps to snug around your body as if they really were a pair of denim shorts. When you look at them from a distance, they will look like any other pair of denim shorts. It is only when you get closer that you will notice the elastic waist band (2 inches) that has the SLY name written on it in shiny silver. This is on both the front and back of the waist band. This is enough to fool anyone into thinking that the wearer is actually wearing denim shorts rather than denim underwear.

    The design

    The design is what really sets these trendy undies off. Although available in the silver design, a Real McKoi design is also available.  The Real McKoi design boasts a tattoo of a koi fish imprinted on the right thigh area that contrasts well with a black background. Additionally, the face of a beautiful woman is imprinted on the left thigh area that contrasts well with the white background. SLY has always been known to create some very creative designs for men. Recently, they produced their Work hard collection - an instant success. With the new Play Hard collection, it seems that SLY have done it once again.

    The Function

    Well we all know that there is a lot of male underwear out there that looks very sexy, trendy or hip. However, there are not many that combine both design and function. You are already aware that the Play Hard denim underwear looks great but what I have not told you yet is Drum roll . . . They are very comfortable and functional as well. Heck, for a pair of boxer briefs, they are exceptionally comfortable. Not only will you feel really comfortable wearing them, you will notice that your “crown jewels” are well supported. You can wear them around town, at the gym or even in bed. You will literally be trying to keep your pants off as long as possible. They really are durable. If you want great support and comfort, they work great. If you are an exhibitionist, these will work really well. SLY Play Hard really does let you play hard.

  • The finest fit in undies by Bjorn Borg

    Bjorn Borg underwear is known for vibrant colours with a well constructed design. Piggy backing on the famous Swedish tennis players profile they have grown the brand to include all clothing, including shoes, jackets and pants. They have become a major clothing player throughout Europe. Here in Australia there is a growing groundswell of interest in the high quality Bjorn Borg men's underwear which is differnet from the other offerings out on the market place.  

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