C-in2 Underwear

Is the rising power in Men's underwear; this New York based company was founded by Greg Sovell in 2005 he did this in contrast to working for 2xist. He started at 2xist 5 years earlier and helped build it towards the company it is today. Since his move to C-in2 he has directed the brand to be a force for others to take note of with their eye on becoming the next big brand. Co-founder Jason Zambuto and Sovell have shown that they can compete with the other major brands, with special unique designs such as the Trophy Shelf Technology (The underwear is formed so that the package is lifted slightly and pushed forward) the which is C-in2's own design and is not made by any other brand. They also have a popular sling design that incorporates elastic that wraps around the package which also lifts and pushes the package forward, very unique and uniquely C-in2 underwear. Sovell has managed to make a brand that is individual and modern usually setting the upcoming trend before the market catches up, also not straying from its particular set of style, which makes the brand distinct in the men's underwear market.

C-IN2 – Modern and Sexy Men’s Underwear

Every now and then, we all crave for that little bit of sensual excitement. There is a whole line of sexy women’s undergarments yet very little for men – or is there? C-IN2 is a brand of men’s underwear that sells a wide variety of sexy underwear that appeal to the ‘individual and modern’ man. The brand has a wide line of underwear that include low rise briefs, boxer briefs, boxers, thongs, trunks, jock straps and long underwear.


Gregory Sovell however had previous experience with underwear as he had previously established a men’s designer underwear company in 1991 called 2(x)IST. However, due to the conflicts of opinions and creative styling, Sovell left. In 2005 however, Gregory Sovell and Jason Zambuto teamed up to create a line of sexy men’s underwear and hence launched C-IN2 (pronounced as “see-in-to”).

Since its launch, C-IN2 has made quite a mark with their line of sexy underwear - a fact that has made them a niche in it. In 2010 however, the company was acquired and is now known as C-IN2 Clothing Company, Inc. Despite the acquired asset, Gregory Sovell is still the head of the brand - he is the Creative Director.

Mens Underwear

The line of sexy underwear is one that is renowned in the world. They have made strides in underwear design thanks to the technology used in their underwear. You can count on the underwear sold by C-IN2 to be of impeccable quality and performance. The craftsmanship and extreme level of comfort will leave your jaws, and those of your onlookers, hanging.The blends of fibres that are used by C-IN2 have enabled them to create, for men like you, a wide variety of styles and colours that not only boast a sleek exterior but an extremely comfortable interior. The pockets in the underwear ensure that it caters to your needs. It allows you to look your best while still providing ultimate comfortable.

Their swimwear line is created using quick drying polyester fibres that allow the trunks, briefs and underwear to drain itself of any and all water quickly. The truly great thing about their quick dry underwear is that you can use them at the gym as well. The trunks are soft, lightweight and well ventilated allowing you to get the most out of your workout without worrying about a sweaty crotch.Just as you would expect from any high-end underwear line, C-IN2’s sexy underwear are available in just about any and all sizes and colours. Most of their underwear contains pockets, internal and rear, that enable a more countered while still providing high functionality.

C-IN2 has established themselves as truly one of the best, if not the best, underwear producers in the world. Their sexy line of men’s underwear will have your partner constantly closing their jaws. With affordable prices and a wide line to choose from, a pair of C-IN2 underwear will become your best friend and perhaps your partner’s too.

These progressive guys at C-in2 have been experimenting with different styles and material, they have pioneered the Bamboo material and incorporated it in the Bamboo line perfectly, They have stepped away from the normal Bamboo material and have made a personalised structure for the material, which has given them an edge. We find that customers are following the brand for there material as much as design. C-in2 was the first underwear brand that we can think of that made their basics line with a soft cotton feel that truly was designed for the body, the plush waistband was something that Down Under Guys Gear members consistently commented on, along with the pouch that sat so your package didn't move and no adjustment throughout the day was necessary. Small details but big when you think that was the 2 main problems that all men faced when wearing any underwear.

C-in2's advertising campaigns have a hint of Sovell's influences throughout, some of the most famous shots such as the prison shot with the inmates standing against the prison wall with their clothes down, hands behind their backs and in C-in2 underwear is net famous and well received by loyal customers and new alike. The campaign was shot by Steven Klein, it aired on billboards across Melbourne and Sydney, pushing the brand to the public like nothing they have done before. From this blogs around the internet set fire with viral marketing promoting c-in2 while informing of the unique styles such as the sling support half in amazement half to be informative of the new undies on the block.

We have found C-in2 a great company to deal with they have kept a strong bond and relationship with us since they started in 2005, they have communicated on a professional level and always kept us informed of all developments. This is more than usual for an underwear fashion house and indicative of their path to success.