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Shopping Men's Underwear in 2024:

Guys, it can be confusing right? Long gone are the days when you could wear crappy old undies and get away with it. Today's man is no doubt more aware of fashion, brands and more and more, comfort and quality. Guys these days are way more selective in wearing not only the right fit but the right style for the right occasion. And that means wearing different types of underwear depending on what the hell you're going to be doing. Yes - that might mean wearing more than one pair of underwear in one day! Sports briefs, jockstraps, supporters or other compression styles of underwear may be the best way to go when working out or when active in sports. But wearing fashion designer men’s underwear would be more appropriate and often comfortable, for date night or a big night out on the town. Then what about bed? Well, depending on what you're doing in the bedroom, you may be opting for something a little spicy - or, if it's a good night sleep you're seeking, perhaps a comfy pair of men’s trunks, boxer briefs or even boxer shorts would be most comfortable. Don't be tempted to 'free-ball'. It's not good. And we aren't just saying that because we sell underwear. Not wearing underwear to bed can lead to all kinds of nasty things...but that's another subject.

There is a massive array of choices when it comes to men's undies, even sub choices and different materials in the same style and cut. For example, a brand like Calvin Klein makes similar style briefs and trunks in either a Cotton fabric or Microfibre fabric - both with different and unique properties depending on the preferences and situations the wearer will use them for. And then there's brands like 2XIST who make basic black and white undies (like low-rise briefs) but then also release fashionable colours and prints of the exact same styles. This is true for many brands. So cut and fabric have a lot to do with the choices you make when buying men’s underwear.

Types of Men’s Underwear:

So, this is where it gets confusing, but the main types or 'cuts' of men's underwear are listed below, and then some of the most popular sub-categories of these styles. Keep in mind, we aren’t talking about fabrics or colours here - this is just the different 'cuts' or shapes of underwear. This is sometimes known as a silhouette in the underwear industry.

Casual & Everyday Wear:

Most underwear brands have a basics range and this probably makes up 90% of your undie collection.   We’re talking brands like Bonds, Jockey, Rio, Calvin Klein, 2xist, Tradie and loads of others. They all have a great entry price and are perfect for most occasions. You can even get many of these in multi-packs to save money. These ranges are usually in basic, primary colours like Black, White, Blue and so on. These are the undies you wear most of the time during the day, depending on your activity level.

Sports & Active Wear:

If you are an active person, loving sports and activities that get you moving, make sure you have the right underwear to keep up and perform for you. Some of the added features are supportive pouches and waistbands along with a range of different materials that both keep you cool and dry at the same time. Some styles even have mesh panels to help with airflow. Others have cut-away sides for greater leg movement.  The 2xist Sport Brief is a great example of this cut-away style. 

Active underwear often includes jockstraps and mesh styles. Jockstraps offer firm support when your body is in motion and should be a staple of every man’s underwear drawer. If you haven’t tried a jockstrap, you really need to.

Like most specific purpose garments, they may not feel right in a different situation. For example, you may not want to wear a jockstrap when wearing linen pants or tight light-coloured slacks (unless that’s your thing!)

Dress Wear:

We hear you. Everybody usually won’t see your underwear when you’re all dressed up. But, what is most important is how you feel when you put on your ‘good underwear’. You feel your best and everyone will see that reflected in you. So a nice occasion, say dinner out, might require something a little more special. Honestly, there is nothing like the feel of a luxury fabric, or seductive cut to make you feel and therefore look amazing. And if the night goes well, you may not be the only one seeing your underwear – so dress to impress. Underwear can make a BIG impression and a bold statement about your personality.

What kind of occasion is it? Does it suit high-fashion designer underwear like Emporio Armani? Or is this going to be more the kind of night that ends undressed? Regardless of what others can or can’t see, YOU will know what you’re wearing and what emotion that evokes in you.

Take into account the type of pants you’re wearing. Are they tight around the butt? Will you be able to see an underwear line? Would a thong or g-string work or would a fashion designer boxer brief be a better option? Will your shirt be tucked in or is it possible that your undies may show if you were to bend over? What fabric will you choose?

Shopping to your budget:

Now that you know that men’s underwear comes in many shapes, cuts, brands, prints and materials, it’s fair to say that there is also a very wide price range. Styles range in price anywhere from under $5 each right up to well over $100 each.

How much you should spend depends on so many things and will obviously be different for different people. This is why at DUGG, we have the absolute largest range of men’s underwear anywhere. We are experts at this. 

For most people, we suggest breaking it down into your different wear situations. Most of your undies should be comfortable and affordable to you whilst trying to maintain a good quality that will last you for at least a year or even quite a bit more. 

We would then suggest having some active underwear that you use for gym/sports. These are going to be a little more expensive but not worn as frequently so should last you a bit longer in most cases. 

You should also have at least a couple of pairs of really nice, designer or fashion undies for different situations depending on your lifestyle. Do you like to party? Or are you a dinner and wine kinda guy? – you get the point. 

We recommend different underwear to sleep with. You should never go to bed in the same underwear you’ve been wearing all day or all night. Choose some comfortable options for sleep. We recommend boxer briefs or boxer shorts for sleep but this is an individual choice.

Finally, if underwear is something more than just function to you and you like to enjoy the spicy side of life (in or out of the bedroom!), we recommend any number of more adult, playful and seductive styles of underwear. The choices here are limitless. Again, apart from how sexy some men’s underwear can look, it also really comes down to how they make you feel when you’re wearing them.

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