Bike Original Jockstrap Review

Bike have been in the jockstrap game from the start, they have revolutionized the Jock and especially the sports jock, one of the biggest names in sports underwear and performance underwear in the US they are relatively unknown here in OZ. These jocks are specific and designed really only for sport, unless you think they are a fashion item we would have to disagree with you though. They have 5cm waistband that is very strong long lasting material, maybe not the most comfortable but then again when running I don't think you will notice.

They waistband has triple stitching on the crotch pouch and the straps are cross stitched for extra strength. The stitching can sometimes be felt on the waistband, though as this is only on the pouch area it is tolerable.

The pouch itself is made from a porous blend of Nylon 55%, Rubber 25% and Cotton 20% which makes it super flexible and dry's really fast. Perfect for activity, though again not perfect for comfort, well at least not compared to the Cin2 Jockstrap or the Andrew Christian Jockstrap. This however is a very good attempt at making the ultimate sports men's jockstrap.

Bike have moved the Logo from the inside of the strap to the outside front to avoid irritation, perfect solution though from a looks perspective not so hot. Straps are 1.8cm wide and a simple elastic made from a blend of 70% polyester and 30% rubber, again functional at the expense of comfort.

Bike Jock Back Bike Jock front

Uses Sports Material  
Cut Low rise Brief Feel Rough
Waist 5cm made from 70% ployester and 30% Rubber Lifespan Very Long
Crotch Single lined Nylon 55%, Rubber 25% and Cotton 20% Packaging Plastic bubble container
Bottom N/A Overall  
Straps 1.8cm wide and made from 70% polyester and 30% rubber    

C-in2 Core Jockstrap Review

Look at these hot Jocks from C-in2, when you think of jockstraps, sweaty sports and ugly men in locker rooms, jocks being the underwear that is often looked at as being utilitarian and un-cool though necessary. Stop, now, as the Cin2 Core Jockstraps is hot! Along with making a non-fashionable item fashionable they have made it comfortable, using material that feels soft and super smooth. Wearing these jocks is a pleasure and one we may not care to be caught in, that's right, they may actually be cool. I tried to make staff here in the office wear them, only one put up his hand Scotty. His weeklong wear has changed his opinion, maybe not enough to throw out those daggy briefs for something a bit more left of the middle but enough for him to advise the Jock could be cool and an everyday wear. He even says there is enough ball room, he either is blessed more than most or these jocks from C-in2 are comfy as could be.

The pouch is single lined and has middle seam, this may seem like it would be uncomfortable, but it actually goes unnoticed. The sides of the pouch are rolled with double z stitching for strength, and the top is attached to the waistband with triple stitching, extremely strong and also makes it sit straight without creases.

The waistbands is made from microfiber cotton and is silky smooth, our only grip is with a waistband that is so smooth why stitch a label on the inside? Necessity, we think not they could print it or attach it outside. In saying that it doesn't cause that mush discomfort, in-fact you can barely feel it though if we had to pick something it would be this. The waistband from this sexy cin2 jockstrap is a light grey on the outside and the inside is silver. There is a large C-in2 logo on the outside located directly in the front big enough to guide a plane at night, not sure why so big but looks good.

That leaves us with the straps, well this could be the only drawback, but we can't see a way around it. If you want super super soft straps this material is fine, though it dirties quickly, there is a fine line between fashion, comfort and durability and in the is case how dirty it looks. Unfortunately they look a little worn quickly and the main reason you would have these Jocks is fashion then we would say the lifespan is reduced greatly.


Uses Fashion, Dress, Casual Material 100% Cotton
Cut   Feel Soft
Waist  6cm Lifespan Short (if you want them to look crisp and new) Medium (if you don't mind a little wear)
Crotch Single lined, with middle seam, with a double z-lock stitch Packaging Boxed
Bottom N/A Overall Great Fashion Item, not for sport, well made.
Straps 2cm plush microfibre cotton    

Jockey Performance Jockstrap Review

Well if you are looking for the all-rounder or just value for money or something comfortable or long lasting or light to wear or supportive or just don't know.... Here it is! Jockey has made inroads into the Australian market; I'm guessing it is because they just make quality products at a reasonable price and people seem to buy a lot and repeat purchase over and over. We have a legion of Jockey fans in Australia and they are loyal. The license for Jockey is held in Australia and while there are influences from the US most of the products are designed in OZ.

The Jocks themselves are specifically designed for sportswear, but they have a softness that allows them to be worn every day. Even the mesh wicking front pouch is soft enough for everyday wear, they are lightweight and designed for quick drying.

The waistband is made from a polyester and elastane blend as super soft to wear. It keeps it's shape and doesn't ride which is good. 1 gripe and this maybe a large one it seem to be a dirt collector, discolours easy and look dirty, this of course can be solved by buying a black pair of Jockey Performance Jockstraps. They are 3.8cm wide and have a jockey performance logo surrounding it. Unfortunately the tag is stitch on the inside back, not so irritating other than the fact they actually advertise tag less on the front sticker "Tagless", well I can see one!

The pouch is a single lined pouch with breathable mesh panels which has a wicking effect that pulls the moisture away from the body to keep you cool. How well this works is debatable but it seems to feel comfortable, whether you dry faster is another thing. They have a seam right in the middle though it is rolled inwards so you don't feel it when worn, also featuring a double rolled stitch on the outside crotch area for strength, we have never seen a problem with wear in these Jockey jockstraps so obviously they are well made. The material is the "COOLMAX" blend which is found this way through a range of different brands and styles.

Straps are quite wide at 3cm very supportive, they are soft a feel. Where they are attached at the top and bottom of the pouch you will find double stitching, simply strong enough no need for more, we have never seen a problem with them.

Jockey Performance Jockstrap

Uses Sports, everyday wear Material Polyseter/Elastane
Cut Jockstrap Feel Polyseter/Elastane
Waist  3.8cm Lifespan Long
Crotch Cool max, single lined Packaging Hanger, no box
Bottom N/A Overall Long lasting strong though get dirty easy
Straps N/A